“Rebekah presented a keynote presentation at Northside Women’s Specialists for all of our doctors and staff, and she has also provided programming for our yearly staff retreat. We laughed at her incredibly unique style, but we also had to realistically confront ways we were keeping our workplace from being creative, empowered and accountable.”
~ Tanya Mack
CFO, Northside Women’s Specialists


“Rebekah’s keynote presentations and workshops combine hysterical comedy and moving depictions that get to the heart of what keeps us all from living productive, powerful, and meaningful lives.”
~ Marcia Crosland, Ph.D.
Senior Human Factors Engineer
NCR Corporation


“Unique… powerful… one of a kind empowerment… Rebekah has her finger on the pulse of what it takes to create education that speaks to the heart of both teachers and students.”
~ Mark Wasicsko, Ph.D.
Endowed Chair of Educational Leadership
Northern Kentucky University


“Rebekah introduced to us, in a skillful and provocative way, a collection of characters who invited us to step deeply into their stories, and thus through them to think more imaginatively and purposefully about both our stories and God’s story. Thanks to Rebekah’s talents, gifts, and deep insight, I left with new food for thought.”
~ Theodore J. Wardlaw, Ph.D.
President of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


“Rebekah Carpenter provides a terrific presentation–engaging, funny, sad, and profoundly moving. Not to be missed!”
~ Nel Noddings, Ph.D.
Lee Jacks Professor of Education Emerita, Stanford University


“Rebekah is a keynote presenter that had our company laughing and truly engaged; but more importantly, her presentation hit us at the ‘root level’, uncovering the real reasons why we could not move forward with lasting empowerment.”
~ Arthur Blankenship, M.B.A.
President and CEO
Argen Billing Systems


“Inspiring – Rebekah Carpenter’s presentation is a must see for teachers and teachers in training. It explores the heart of teaching and how teachers can make a difference in students’ lives. A wonderful, moving experience.”
~ Jack Miller, Ph.D.
Head of the Center for Teacher Development
University of Toronto, Canada


“Rebekah delivered an astounding presentation for our audience at Candler School of Theology. Her performance was empowering, exceptionally moving, theologically sound, and spiritually transforming. Many left in deep reverence and quiet reflection.”
~ Rev. Helen Bruch Pearson
Retired Dean for Community Life
Director of the Program for Women in Theology and Ministry
Candler School of Theology of Emory University


“Rebekah’s innovative delivery style and unique ability to connect with her audiences is particularly effective at energizing associates for breakthrough performance. I highly recommend her keynote presentations and workshops to any organization that wants motivation that will last.”
~ Rob Stewart, M.A.
President and CEO, The Quality Group, Inc.


“Rebekah Carpenter’s program is relevant, powerful, and moving. It is obvious that she conducted lots of research on the issues that our teachers face each day. I was awed by her acting talent and her incredible ability to embody the soul of each character. She captured the essence of the teaching profession’s daily challenges and rewards in her heartwarming presentation. Without hesitation, I recommend her one-woman play to anyone who deeply cares about educating children.”
~ Jackie Fillingim
Chief Academic Officer
Carrollton City Schools, GA


“Tender and powerful, funny and beautiful, this work touches deep inside to the heart of meaning. These expertly crafted performances reflect a deep understanding of the inner life and of outer day-to-day realities. Through a gorgeous singing voice, a playful sense of humor, and a gift for capturing the human condition through theatre, Rebekah’s plays inspire and raise courageous and practical questions about how we attend to our life and our work. These are wonderful vehicles for transformative growth either as entire workshops or as a potent and lively keynote address.”
~ Tobin Hart, Ph.D
University of West Georgia
Author of The Secret Spiritual Lives of Children


“The quality of Rebekah’s presentations are unmatched by most speakers and performers. Rebekah’s programs empower you from “within” and paint a vivid picture of what keeps us from being fully present and connected to ourselves and to other people.”
~ Kevin Bryant
Music Minister/Organist
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
Sub Dean for the Western North Carolina Chapter of the American Guild of Organists