Success Happens When…

Last night I was in the middle of an interview with Gary Gosch for his weekly Success Insight radio show, and my phone when completely dead. I panicked. I tried to find my cell phone to call Gary and tell him what happened. My brother was there when it happened and he told me immediately to just accept this glitch as meant to be, and to not panic and let the situation play itself out.

Well… I completely ignored him and kept panicking, trying to find my cell phone.

After I re-connected with Gary, we ended up having a wonderful conversation. Gary said to me at the end of our time together that perhaps the phone dying was meant to be, so that he and I could have that conversation.

This experience reminds me of something I once heard that said “success happens when preparation meets opportunity.” I have done so much preparation and work, and this was one of those moments that my preparation had taken me to an opportunity, but I almost missed it.

Plan, work hard and dream, but stay open to surprise opportunities when they come along.


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