A Sprained Ankle & An Attitude Adjustment

I was on a hiking trip a few weeks ago and severely sprained my ankle. For a type A personality, it has been a lesson for me in two areas…

Letting People Help Me

I am so darn independent that I just ‘handle things’ myself. This is one of my best qualities, but it gives me a false sense of being in control. Reaching out to others and just stepping back has been incredibly good for me. As I have let people help me, I have rested and slowed down. I think I have appreciated the leaves and the beauty of fall even more than usual because I am really looking at it. I also have a new appreciation for being able to walk across the room.

Being Present

As I have slowed down and become more present, things that I needed to feel and work through have come to the surface. I have been forced to face what is ‘underneath,’ creating what is going on in my life. This experience has further motivated me to keep doing leadership development in the way I most believe in – staying away from temporary inspiration and moving the leaders I work with towards permanent motivation and empowerment. I must give them tools that go ‘underneath’ their behaviors and give them lasting results. I wrote my book to be a collection of tools that, together, take the individuals who read it to these permanent states. I am truly grateful I had to be present and see some of my own blocks so I can live what I teach even more.


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