Regain Yourself Again

I believe that so many of the world’s problems are caused by the fact that we, as individuals, have lost our center. We are pulled so much by the external world around us that we barely have time to eat and go to the bathroom, much less re-connect with the place where all good flows from within us and is sent out into the world, to heal the world.

Our true self, the place where we access our innate wisdom and allow our Creator to work through us has been covered over with the toxicity of people pleasing, beliefs that do not serve us, conditional love, judgment, needing to be right, the inability to stand in our authentic power, suppressed emotions, toxins from unhealthy food, disorganization of our internal and external world, and just overall busyness.

In my book I offer different tools that physically, emotionally, and spiritually help guide us all back to our center. If we can ‘unclog’ and clear out the clutter, then design and build our lives based on the unique miracle we are at our core, we can change our corners of influence, which has a ripple effect and changes the entire world.


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