Overcome Jealousy, Envy, and Feelings of Inadequacy Today

After having the honor of speaking with Linda Cureton during our recent blog talk radio interview, I walked about feeling inspired. She seems to be a very strong woman, who also encourages other women to be strong and powerful.

In my book I write about how women can often be much harder on each other than men can be to them. My purpose for writing about this in the book is to encourage not just women, but everyone to heal any wounds inside of themselves that get triggered when they are in the presence of someone successful and they feel overly jealous and overly intimidated. Some envy is normal, but there is a line where envy can become harmful.

Often the root causes of our present jealously, intimidation, or any other negative reaction or behavior is a result of feeling small and inadequate as a child. The last chapter of my book encourages everyone to step up and heal their original childhood wounds, so that we can genuinely stand tall in the world and step into our beautiful, authentic power.

If we heal the root causes of our inability to step into our authentic, powerful leadership, there will be more people in the world like Linda – they shine while also allowing others to shine. They even intentionally put others in the spotlight.


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