Life Isn’t For Just “Getting By”

I had a fabulous conversation yesterday with Linda Cureton, author of The Leadership Muse. She also runs a business called Muse Technology, Inc. She was articulate as she explained her vision, obviously has years of work experience under her belt, and is taking great risks – even at retirement.

After talking with her, I find myself wondering what life would be like if we lived our entire lives like Linda is living at this moment – getting in touch with her passion, clearly laying out what she needs to do to make her passion a reality, and then stepping out in a big way to make her passion happen.

I believe making a mental decision, and deciding that our marriage, our friendships, our passions, and our daily lives can be adventurous, dramatically shifts how we live moment to moment. But it goes farther than just a decision… I believe a ‘commitment’ to adventure is what is also called for – a true commitment to sitting down with ourselves and with the people involved in our lives, and mapping out a pragmatic plan to begin broadening our experiences, expanding our minds, taking risks to bring our dreams into reality, and increasing our circle of relationships. This places our desires and dreams into a lived reality.

We need to think the right thoughts and dream our dreams, but like Linda, we need to map out the steps we need to take to make our adventurous life a reality.

If pragmatic adventure becomes part of our lives, we will ‘run into’ people, ‘happen upon’ new adventures and relationships, and we will enter into a world of infinite possibilities…

Getting By or Getting Inspired through Mapping Adventure… which one would you like to choose?


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