Lead From Authenticity

I recently did an internet radio interview with a woman named Lynnis Mullins of PraiseWorks.

It was obvious from our very first conversation that I was dealing with someone truly authentic. After you work in this profession for a good period of time, you start to get an intuitive sense that can more quickly identify those who are not authentic.

The issue of authenticity came up in our interview, and I made the point that if leaders are not living from the core, real, authentic parts of themselves, even if they are good at what they do, they will burn out. They will stop being truly affective both personally and professionally.

As adults, often becoming authentic is a de-layering process. I wrote my book, Awakening – 12 Tools to Unlock Ultimate Potential, as a guide to this de-layering process. Eliminating everything that is on top of our authentic center takes time and is often really uncomfortable. I am finding that the people who are drawn to doing the work in my book are up for the challenge. Those who criticize the book are often readers who get triggered while reading the first chapter – they know they need to do the work and that it would be uncomfortable, however they start throwing up criticism at the messenger and the material as a smokescreen to avoid going there. They themselves do not even know that is what they are doing.

It is a protective mechanism to avoid the discomfort and to stay in denial. If you are a leader who wants longevity in terms of your vitality and living out your purpose, have the courage to de-layer, take breaks, then de-layer again. Get support as you go through the process. Your physical, emotional and spiritual vitality and long term health depend on it.


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