Don’t Let Your Beliefs Hold You Back

I was such a hot shot and know-it-all early in my career. I was not a mean person, but I was trying to be successful. Simply put – being successful took the place of making an impact. If I could turn back the clock, I would do things differently.

The truth is that underneath my need to be successful, I had a belief that I was not worthy. When you believe that you are not worthy, you spend most of your effort trying to feel worthy.

I recently had the most amazing blog talk interview with Tom Cunningham on his Canada talk show. He is a Napolean Hill trainer and exceptionally genuine and gracious. We both talked about how a little age helps with this overdrive to be successful, and we also talked about how our core beliefs affect everyone and everything around us.

I dedicate an entire chapter in my book to Standing in Your Power, and an integral part of that chapter is identifying the core beliefs about yourself and how the world works that can block you from allowing wonderful things into your life.

Be blessed, eliminate the beliefs that do not work for you. Create and step into new beliefs that are authentic to who you are meant to be……..then watch the unfolding of the authentic impact you can have on this planet.


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