Be True to Yourself With Results and Rest

I had the opportunity to spend some time at a beautiful location this weekend. The property contained over 200 acres of land, and I was able to take some nice walks and enjoy the scenery.

I am a typical ‘type A’ personality. I am the most comfortable if I have a path strategically planned, mapped out, and I am working diligently to get all the tasks completed towards the fulfillment of my plan. If I know where I am headed, I feel so much better.

I have been taught the hard way that the ‘marching forward’ mentality is a gift I am created to use, but this gift sometimes allows me to get in my own way. I have learned that there are seasons in my life when I need to lay down my ‘plans’ and be open to the next step unfolding.

In my book Awakening – 12 Tools To Unlock Ultimate Potential, I balance out striving and working towards results, with slowing down, looking inward, and discovering who you are.

I encourage all reading this to stop and ask yourself if you are being true to the season of life that you are in right now. Do you need to put the brakes on action and just stop and ‘be’ for a period of time? Do you need to listen for wisdom and direction? Or, are you in a season where you have been still long enough and now it is time to get into action?

Only you can answer that question, but I believe it is well worth asking.


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