Live in Peace & Joy All the Time

I am presenting a leadership seminar tomorrow for a conference of non-profit Executive Directors. My seminar title is ‘Engaging Your Board Members.’ Part of the trick of keeping board members engaged is learning how to keep them motivated between meetings, not just at the meetings themselves.

In so many organizations, not just non-profits, everyone tries to handle so many things and motivate their staff during meetings.

So much of the joy of life occurs ‘in-between.’ It is not about just getting motivated when we are together at a meeting, a church service, a concert, on vacation, etc. The key to true, lasting abundance is finding a way to have consistent peace and joy – in the quiet moments, during times we are alone, during the routine activities of life, and at work – between meetings.

My life-long goal has been to create keynote presentations and seminars and write a book that give people tools that fill up the in-between times in their lives with lasting joy, peace and empowerment… I want people to experience permanent awakening in their lives.

I wish for you today, joy and peace in the ‘in-between.’


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