Giving You Something You Can Use

When I give a keynote presentation or facilitate my leadership development seminars, I commonly get three responses:

I have never experienced anything so different – I will not forget this.

The day absolutely flew by.

I can actually use a lot of what you presented.

The reason this ‘tickles me’ as they say in the south, is because all of us have been to those horrific, boring events, conferences and meetings. Time creeps by, and we are forced to endure boring power points that offer little practical material. I believe the workplace, the church, the educational environment, and most personal and professional development conferences are desperately in need of content that gives audiences actual ‘meat’ to take home, makes them laugh and enjoy participating, and may even sometimes move them to tears.

With all of the talk now about organizations and government wasting tax payers’ money, I think we should start holding events and conferences accountable for having content that is really good. They also need to have enormous accountability around spending. If content is great and moving, most people will not mind paying for their own alcohol at the bar, going without the shrimp cocktail, and if need be, staying somewhere without luxurious amenities.


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