Educational Events & Conferences

Are you a superintendent, a member of the Board of Education, a college or university President, an administrator or professor in higher education, an administrator or teacher in the public or private school system? Are you on a committee planning an event or conference for teachers? Are you planning a special event for teachers in training? Do you want the teachers at your event to walk away deeply rejuvenated, but also ensure that whatever they attend includes learning best practices for teaching? Consider opening your event or conference with Rebekah’s powerful keynote presentation Awakening Voices in the Classroom. This keynote presentation was created after many hours of qualitative research, observing and thiinterviewing teachers who deeply held themselves accountable for creating environments within their classrooms that were consistently vital, creative, and productive. This occurred despite the stresses and pressures these teachers were experiencing as a result of standardized testing. Through mesmerizing character portrayals, breathtaking a cappella music and powerful storytelling, this keynote presentation takes the best teaching practices gleaned from this research and clearly demonstrates behaviors and paradigms teachers can use that help them be more accountable for creating classrooms where the levels of vitality, creativity and productivity are continuously increasing and being maintained on more and more of a permanent basis.

Consider following up this powerful keynote presentation with Rebekah’s one day breakout session for teachers. This break-out session is a leadership development seminar that helps teachers become more courageously accountable for increasing and maintaining vitality, creativity and productivity within their classrooms. The tools teachers learn are quick and can be integrated into the most stringent of teaching environments – even if the majority of classroom time needs to be spent on required curriculum.

A final option for break-out sessions are Rebekah’s book chapter workshops. These workshops are based on the chapters in Rebekah’s book, Awakening – 12 Tools to Unlock Ultimate Potential. Most teachers deeply want to create and maintain classrooms that are vital, creative and productive. However, they are often burned out and in need of rejuvenation and renewal themselves. Therefore, creating vital classrooms can be a difficult task. The book chapter workshops are designed to instigate a continuous death and rebirth cycle within teachers. This continuous cycle is central to the permanent awakening process that is Rebekah’s mission and includes: death of outdated behaviors, paradigms and relationships, discovery of the teacher’s authentic voice, gifts, identities, passions and purposes, and a refocusing and designing of the teacher’s life based on these discoveries. This continuous cycle creates deep rejuvenation and renewal within teachers. They become better able to continuously increase and maintain their personal and professional levels of vitality, creativity, productivity and accountability. This occurs on more and more of a permanent basis. The effects of this deep rejuvenation and renewal can spread to a teacher’s students and permeate their classrooms.

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