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AwakeningBookRebekah wrote her book, Awakening – 12 Tools to Unlock Ultimate Potential, after over 20 years of working with and observing individuals in a multitude of personal and professional environments. She observed that the reason many people were only experiencing temporary change and limited results from personal and professional development, was because there were particular physical, emotional and spiritual blocks in front of their latent potential and their ability to be open to change. In her book, Rebekah gives readers tools they can use to help remove these physical, emotional and spiritual blocks. The book also provides tools that can help readers discover their authentic voice, gifts, identities, passions and purposes and design their lives based on these discoveries. The tools are designed to instigate a continuous death and rebirth cycle within readers. This cycle is central to the permanent awakening process that is Rebekah’s mission and includes: death of outdated behaviors, paradigms and relationships, discovery of their and others’ authentic voice, gifts, identities, passions and purposes, and a re-focusing and designing of their lives based on these discoveries. As readers become engaged in this continuous death and rebirth cycle, they can multiply the possibilities for being able to increase and maintain their personal and professional levels of vitality, creativity, productivity and accountability, on more and more of a permanent basis.


The powerful benefits readers can experience by working through the tools in the book include:

1) Operating at physical, emotional and spiritual levels that are increasingly more healed and whole

2) Becoming more open to change

3) More easily absorbing and integrating the tools, concepts and behaviors they are taught during personal and professional development

4) More fully receiving, absorbing and retaining the healing effects and transformation possible through therapy, life coaching and other self-help methods

5) More clearly seeing others for who they really are

6) More clearly seeing and meeting the genuine needs of others

7) More clearly seeing the contributions of others

8) Deepening the relationship with themselves, with others, with their Creator and with those they serve

All of these benefits increase the possibilities for readers to experience permanent change and lasting results from personal and professional development opportunities.

Readers can become greater assets to the organizations they work for. Their transformation can have a powerful ripple effect that spreads to their families, to their relationships and to everyone around them.



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Also Available! The Facilitator’s Guide for Awakening Group Leaders!


FacilitatorsGuide_linkimgRebekah has written a Facilitator’s Guide so that groups of people can work through the tools in her book together. These groups are called Awakening Groups. Awakening Groups are made up of people from all walks of life: employees, church groups, leadership teams, neighborhoods, special interest groups, teachers, community groups, close friends, book clubs, college professors, staff or students. An Awakening Group can also be a diverse group of individuals who saw an advertisement about starting an Awakening Group in their area and they have signed up to work through the tools together. The transformative power of the tools in the book can multiply when people work through them together. The members of Awakening Groups can become each others’ closest friends and allies. They can support each other through breakthroughs and watch each other soar to physical, emotional and spiritual levels that were previously unprecedented in any of their lives. Order your Facilitator’s Guide and start your own life changing Awakening Group today!


A great place to start is with the podcast corresponding with Chapter 1 –

Defining Who You Are, What You Want, and How You Feel

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Rebekah’s book Awakening – 12 Tools To Unlock Ultimate Potential and the Facilitator’s Guide partner with her keynote presentations and leadership development seminars and multiply the possibilities for permanent awakening within individuals, within relationships, and within organizations.

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