Book Chapter Workshops

AwakeningBookCoverRebekah facilitates workshops for groups that are each based on a single chapter from her book, Awakening – 12 Tools to Unlock Ultimate Potential.

Any of Rebekah’s book chapter workshops can follow one of her dynamic keynote presentations as a two hour break-out session or be a complete stand-alone workshop.

Each chapter in Rebekah’s book is dedicated to teaching readers one of twelve awakening tools. Rebekah facilitates each of her book chapter workshops using the curriculum in the Awakening Challenge sections at the end of each chapter in her book. The Awakening Challenge sections teach readers how to apply the tool featured in that particular chapter to their life. The goal of all of the book chapter workshops is to help the audience increase their chances for experiencing permanent awakening within themselves, in their relationships and within their organizations.


To see a full definition of permanent awakening, the process that is Rebekah’s mission, click on the symbol below.



As Rebekah takes groups through the Awakening Challenge sections in her book, the effectiveness of the Awakening tool in each chapter can multiply for participants because:

1) Participants encourage each other, give each other feedback, and hold each other accountable

2) Everyone learns from each other while working in small groups, while listening to each others’ stories, and while observing each other being coached

3) During the workshops, Rebekah acknowledges and verbalizes when audience members are exhibiting attitudes, patterns and behaviors that help them be open to change and healing. When these attitudes, patterns and behaviors are verbalized, participants have the unique and powerful opportunity to learn from each others’ strengths.
Workshop Choices:

Defining Who You Are, What You Want, and How You Feel
Daily live the life you were born to live

Deep Listening
Learn to be present and truly listen both personally and professionally

Standing In Your Power
Walk, breathe and live with authentic confidence

The Need to be Right
Expose and powerfully change your judgments of others, making room for partnerships, teamwork, and collaboration

Silence and Stillness
Learn to be still and allow life’s teachings and blessings to be heard

Looking Prejudice in the Eye
Face your own prejudice, and take a stand for eradicating your community of prejudice

Living Out Your Passions and Your Purpose
Live out loud with no regrets

Declaring Your Future
Form and declare your beautiful future



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