Success Happens When…

Last night I was in the middle of an interview with Gary Gosch for his weekly Success Insight radio show, and my phone when completely dead. I panicked. I tried to find my cell phone to call Gary and tell him what happened. My brother was there when it happened and he told me immediately to just accept this glitch as meant to be, and to not panic and let the situation play itself out.

Well… I completely ignored him and kept panicking, trying to find my cell phone.

After I re-connected with Gary, we ended up having a wonderful conversation. Gary said to me at the end of our time together that perhaps the phone dying was meant to be, so that he and I could have that conversation.

This experience reminds me of something I once heard that said “success happens when preparation meets opportunity.” I have done so much preparation and work, and this was one of those moments that my preparation had taken me to an opportunity, but I almost missed it.

Plan, work hard and dream, but stay open to surprise opportunities when they come along.


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It’s Time to Be the Real You

I had a conversation with a life coach last night about energy. There are a lot of theories out there that talk about how our energy affects everyone around us. This particular coach believes that when people with clean, clear, positive energy walk into a room, people can feel their positive presence.

What I can say with confidence is that when someone who believes in their abilities, who truly loves themselves and believes that the world is on their side walks into a room, people can feel their positive aura. I do not always think this is happening on a conscious level. This person’s ‘light’ affects everyone around them.

I write about the importance of standing in your power in a chapter in my book because I believe being able to do this as cleanly as possible is critical. I dedicate time to helping people clear up the core beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world that can be underneath our behavior and be blocking our positive energy from spreading to those around us.

Take the time to unblock anything that is underneath your beautiful light. The world needs your gifts, abilities, talents and true self.


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Regain Yourself Again

I believe that so many of the world’s problems are caused by the fact that we, as individuals, have lost our center. We are pulled so much by the external world around us that we barely have time to eat and go to the bathroom, much less re-connect with the place where all good flows from within us and is sent out into the world, to heal the world.

Our true self, the place where we access our innate wisdom and allow our Creator to work through us has been covered over with the toxicity of people pleasing, beliefs that do not serve us, conditional love, judgment, needing to be right, the inability to stand in our authentic power, suppressed emotions, toxins from unhealthy food, disorganization of our internal and external world, and just overall busyness.

In my book I offer different tools that physically, emotionally, and spiritually help guide us all back to our center. If we can ‘unclog’ and clear out the clutter, then design and build our lives based on the unique miracle we are at our core, we can change our corners of influence, which has a ripple effect and changes the entire world.


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Overcome Jealousy, Envy, and Feelings of Inadequacy Today

After having the honor of speaking with Linda Cureton during our recent blog talk radio interview, I walked about feeling inspired. She seems to be a very strong woman, who also encourages other women to be strong and powerful.

In my book I write about how women can often be much harder on each other than men can be to them. My purpose for writing about this in the book is to encourage not just women, but everyone to heal any wounds inside of themselves that get triggered when they are in the presence of someone successful and they feel overly jealous and overly intimidated. Some envy is normal, but there is a line where envy can become harmful.

Often the root causes of our present jealously, intimidation, or any other negative reaction or behavior is a result of feeling small and inadequate as a child. The last chapter of my book encourages everyone to step up and heal their original childhood wounds, so that we can genuinely stand tall in the world and step into our beautiful, authentic power.

If we heal the root causes of our inability to step into our authentic, powerful leadership, there will be more people in the world like Linda – they shine while also allowing others to shine. They even intentionally put others in the spotlight.


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Life Isn’t For Just “Getting By”

I had a fabulous conversation yesterday with Linda Cureton, author of The Leadership Muse. She also runs a business called Muse Technology, Inc. She was articulate as she explained her vision, obviously has years of work experience under her belt, and is taking great risks – even at retirement.

After talking with her, I find myself wondering what life would be like if we lived our entire lives like Linda is living at this moment – getting in touch with her passion, clearly laying out what she needs to do to make her passion a reality, and then stepping out in a big way to make her passion happen.

I believe making a mental decision, and deciding that our marriage, our friendships, our passions, and our daily lives can be adventurous, dramatically shifts how we live moment to moment. But it goes farther than just a decision… I believe a ‘commitment’ to adventure is what is also called for – a true commitment to sitting down with ourselves and with the people involved in our lives, and mapping out a pragmatic plan to begin broadening our experiences, expanding our minds, taking risks to bring our dreams into reality, and increasing our circle of relationships. This places our desires and dreams into a lived reality.

We need to think the right thoughts and dream our dreams, but like Linda, we need to map out the steps we need to take to make our adventurous life a reality.

If pragmatic adventure becomes part of our lives, we will ‘run into’ people, ‘happen upon’ new adventures and relationships, and we will enter into a world of infinite possibilities…

Getting By or Getting Inspired through Mapping Adventure… which one would you like to choose?


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Giving You Something You Can Use

When I give a keynote presentation or facilitate my leadership development seminars, I commonly get three responses:

I have never experienced anything so different – I will not forget this.

The day absolutely flew by.

I can actually use a lot of what you presented.

The reason this ‘tickles me’ as they say in the south, is because all of us have been to those horrific, boring events, conferences and meetings. Time creeps by, and we are forced to endure boring power points that offer little practical material. I believe the workplace, the church, the educational environment, and most personal and professional development conferences are desperately in need of content that gives audiences actual ‘meat’ to take home, makes them laugh and enjoy participating, and may even sometimes move them to tears.

With all of the talk now about organizations and government wasting tax payers’ money, I think we should start holding events and conferences accountable for having content that is really good. They also need to have enormous accountability around spending. If content is great and moving, most people will not mind paying for their own alcohol at the bar, going without the shrimp cocktail, and if need be, staying somewhere without luxurious amenities.


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Be True to Yourself With Results and Rest

I had the opportunity to spend some time at a beautiful location this weekend. The property contained over 200 acres of land, and I was able to take some nice walks and enjoy the scenery.

I am a typical ‘type A’ personality. I am the most comfortable if I have a path strategically planned, mapped out, and I am working diligently to get all the tasks completed towards the fulfillment of my plan. If I know where I am headed, I feel so much better.

I have been taught the hard way that the ‘marching forward’ mentality is a gift I am created to use, but this gift sometimes allows me to get in my own way. I have learned that there are seasons in my life when I need to lay down my ‘plans’ and be open to the next step unfolding.

In my book Awakening – 12 Tools To Unlock Ultimate Potential, I balance out striving and working towards results, with slowing down, looking inward, and discovering who you are.

I encourage all reading this to stop and ask yourself if you are being true to the season of life that you are in right now. Do you need to put the brakes on action and just stop and ‘be’ for a period of time? Do you need to listen for wisdom and direction? Or, are you in a season where you have been still long enough and now it is time to get into action?

Only you can answer that question, but I believe it is well worth asking.


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Live in Peace & Joy All the Time

I am presenting a leadership seminar tomorrow for a conference of non-profit Executive Directors. My seminar title is ‘Engaging Your Board Members.’ Part of the trick of keeping board members engaged is learning how to keep them motivated between meetings, not just at the meetings themselves.

In so many organizations, not just non-profits, everyone tries to handle so many things and motivate their staff during meetings.

So much of the joy of life occurs ‘in-between.’ It is not about just getting motivated when we are together at a meeting, a church service, a concert, on vacation, etc. The key to true, lasting abundance is finding a way to have consistent peace and joy – in the quiet moments, during times we are alone, during the routine activities of life, and at work – between meetings.

My life-long goal has been to create keynote presentations and seminars and write a book that give people tools that fill up the in-between times in their lives with lasting joy, peace and empowerment… I want people to experience permanent awakening in their lives.

I wish for you today, joy and peace in the ‘in-between.’


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Declare Your Future Today

The final chapter in my book is entitled “Declaring Your Future.” I challenge readers to get serious about writing down what they want in their future and then declaring those dreams and desires proudly in front of people they trust.

It is one thing to declare the future we want by writing it down when we are by ourselves. We can add more power and commitment to the future we want by declaring what we wrote down with someone else present. We can potentially triple the power and the commitment towards what we want by reading what we wrote about our future in front of a group of people.

My Awakening Renewal Retreats are purposely designed for people to work through the chapters in my book with a group. Everyone can hear each other, validate each other, support each other, and give each other the motivation needed to take their beautiful dreams and desires and make them a reality. I have also written a facilitator’s guide that can be used to lead groups through the tools in my book.

If you have a tendency to be a lone ranger, I want you to think about what that is costing you in terms of company, motivation, and ongoing support. If you do not have a solid group of people you can dream with, then start small and start your own group. I call the groups that go through the tools in my book together ‘Awakening Groups.’

Your vitality, energy and motivation can soar, when you have a trusted group of cheerleaders all along the way. Find those cheerleaders today!


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Live a Vibrant Life All of the Time

On my website I list the workshops I present when I facilitate “Awakening Renewal Retreats.” These retreats are designed to refresh, renew, and rejuvenate business people, educators, church members, non-profit leaders and employees, and any others attending a personal or professional development off-site retreat.

Personal rejuvenation, I believe, should be a huge priority in our lives. The more I read, the more I hear about how our mind, body, and spirit are all connected. I believe as the research increases in this area, we are going to see more and more evidence of how important it is that we take the time to nourish and strengthen our bodies, minds, and spirits.

I hope that we move from a culture that uses these types of retreat experiences as an occasional escape from our busy lives to, instead, incorporating rejuvenation into our regular lifestyle. My book, Awakening- 12 Tools To Unlock Ultimate Potential, gives readers tools that renew, re-energize, and re-awaken the body, mind, and spirit so that blocks to living a vibrant life can be eliminated.

My fantasy is that parents begin modeling removing their blocks to passionate living by using these tools in their everyday lives, so renewal of the body, mind, and spirit becomes a habitual lifestyle that their children can consistently witness. Children are best taught not by what is occasionally done, but what is regularly modeled and practiced.

Be well, and make vibrant living who you are, not just who you occasionally give yourself the luxury of being during a retreat.


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