Live Your Dreams Through Opposition

Often when we step out, take risks, and begin putting pieces of our dreams out into the world, the people that sabotage our efforts the most are those closest to us.

Waking up to our true selves and living out our deepest dreams and desires can be difficult if those around us have never lived out ‘their’ deepest desires and dreams. They cannot fully support us if they themselves feel unfulfilled and have deep regrets about not living a life they really wanted.

When we speak our vision out to a group of witnesses who support us and we allow them to give us feedback and direction, our desires and dreams can be felt and realized in much deeper and more powerful ways.

I wrote a facilitator’s guide to go along with my book so that the tools could be worked through utilizing the power of group and community.

Find your community of dreamers and get the momentum of infinite possibilities started for the actualization of your dreams!


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