It’s Time to Be the Real You

I had a conversation with a life coach last night about energy. There are a lot of theories out there that talk about how our energy affects everyone around us. This particular coach believes that when people with clean, clear, positive energy walk into a room, people can feel their positive presence.

What I can say with confidence is that when someone who believes in their abilities, who truly loves themselves and believes that the world is on their side walks into a room, people can feel their positive aura. I do not always think this is happening on a conscious level. This person’s ‘light’ affects everyone around them.

I write about the importance of standing in your power in a chapter in my book because I believe being able to do this as cleanly as possible is critical. I dedicate time to helping people clear up the core beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world that can be underneath our behavior and be blocking our positive energy from spreading to those around us.

Take the time to unblock anything that is underneath your beautiful light. The world needs your gifts, abilities, talents and true self.


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