Declare Your Future Today

The final chapter in my book is entitled “Declaring Your Future.” I challenge readers to get serious about writing down what they want in their future and then declaring those dreams and desires proudly in front of people they trust.

It is one thing to declare the future we want by writing it down when we are by ourselves. We can add more power and commitment to the future we want by declaring what we wrote down with someone else present. We can potentially triple the power and the commitment towards what we want by reading what we wrote about our future in front of a group of people.

My Awakening Renewal Retreats are purposely designed for people to work through the chapters in my book with a group. Everyone can hear each other, validate each other, support each other, and give each other the motivation needed to take their beautiful dreams and desires and make them a reality. I have also written a facilitator’s guide that can be used to lead groups through the tools in my book.

If you have a tendency to be a lone ranger, I want you to think about what that is costing you in terms of company, motivation, and ongoing support. If you do not have a solid group of people you can dream with, then start small and start your own group. I call the groups that go through the tools in my book together ‘Awakening Groups.’

Your vitality, energy and motivation can soar, when you have a trusted group of cheerleaders all along the way. Find those cheerleaders today!


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