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For over twenty years, I have traveled across the country and abroad as a keynote speaker, leadership and organizational development trainer and performing artist. I feel more privileged than I can express to have been able to spread the message of permanent awakening and help individuals and organizations come out of their protective cocoons and fly.

We need to be as awake as possible right now.

Now is the time in our history for us to awaken and come together as a community to take back our national and global integrity. Now is the time in our history for us to awaken and step out of our man made dramas that distract us from living in the present, from being able to question and critically think, from owning and stepping into our authentic greatness, and from designing our lives based on who we really are.

When we live from an awakened, authentically powerful place, our leadership has less of an ability to sell us something that is not in our best interests. When anyone comes along that is promoting hatred, gossip, oppression or injustice, we speak up for what is right. We negotiate and communicate more peacefully and fairly. We support each others’ greatness. We help each other soar.

At the end of the introduction in my book I say:

“Once you experience permanent awakening, you become part of a larger group of people from all over the world who are also experiencing permanent awakening.

As one person, one relationship, and one organization at a time experience permanent awakening in different parts of the world, a ripple effect and connection occurs between them. A global AWAKENING MOVEMENT is ignited. This movement gains momentum as more and more people across the globe become role models for their children and grandchildren of happy, fulfilled, passionate, productive human beings. Personal and professional relationships become more peaceful, harmonious, vibrant, and open to healthy negotiation. This increases the possibilities for global harmony and leaves the world a better place for generations to come.”

I look forward to meeting you and partnering with you to spread permanent awakening to people across the globe,





Professional Bio:


Rebekah Carpenter is the President of Awakening Voices Productions and travels throughout the country as a keynote speaker, leadership development trainer, author and performing artist. For over 20 years, Rebekah has created and facilitated keynote presentations, seminars and workshops for corporate, business, educational, non-profit, religious, spiritual, personal and professional development events and conferences.

The primary mission of Rebekah’s life-long research has been to create keynote presentations, leadership development seminars and write a book and facilitator’s guide that help individuals and organizations move away from temporary change and empowerment and move towards permanent change and empowerment – what Rebekah calls permanent awakening. Rebekah’s keynote presentations, leadership development seminars, her book and facilitator’s guide help individuals and organizations learn how to holistically and continuously be creating environments within themselves, within their relationships and within their organizations where vitality, creativity, productivity and accountability are consistently being increased and maintained on more and more of a permanent basis. This leads individuals and organizations not toward temporary results, but increases their possibilities for permanent empowerment and permanent culture change.

The goal of all of Rebekah’s keynote presentations, leadership development seminars, her book, facilitator’s guide and book chapter workshops are to get individuals and organizations actively participating in a continuous permanent awakening process.

The definition of permanent awakening is:

A process where an individual, an organization or both are holistically and continuously uncovering, discovering and designing their existence in order to:

1) Operate more consistently from their authentic voice, gifts, identities, passions, and purposes

2) Create more authentic relationships that foster continuous growth and expansion

3) Operate more consistently at peak vitality and productivity

4) Strengthen their capacity for forming genuine partnerships with others

5) Operate more consistently at peak vitality and productivity

This permanent awakening process is initiated and kept in motion by a continuous death and rebirth cycle that occurs within individuals and within organizations. This cycle includes: death of outdated behaviors, paradigms, identities and relationships, discovery of one’s and others’ authentic voice, gifts, identities, passions, and purposes, and a refocusing and designing of existence based on these discoveries. This cycle does not always occur in this particular order. The language of this death and rebirth cycle is expressed in slightly different ways depending on the environment, but the cycle is inherently the same.

As this cycle of death and rebirth continues, individuals and organizations can increase the amount of time they spend in the permanent awakening process.

This can:
1) Increase their possibilities for continuously raising and maintaining their levels of vitality, creativity, productivity and accountability

2) Increase their possibilities for experiencing permanent change and permanent empowerment

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